Two Day To Do List

I actually did stuff last week! I’m so proud of me!

  • finish tweaking in my guest room-kinda done.  I mean, I cleaned but there’s still a lot I want to do in there!
  • give some love to the rest of the backyard-I trimmed up around the roses and weeded the garden.  Be on the lookout this week for a current picture of my backyard (hint: it’s not better)
  • clean and organize the laundry room- DONE!
  • start working on the basement- I didn’t even think about this.  An outside project derailed all of my end of the week plans (but it’s going to be SO.AWESOME!)
  • make a list of things to do around the house-this haunts me.  All I do is think about what I still want to do around here.  Now I just need to get all my ideas written down (and gathered on Pinterest boards) so I can get started on them!

For this week:

  • finish the outside project (fingers crossed for tomorrow!)
  • make something pretty
  • go through all my pictures and order prints so I can get started on my “First Year” house scrapbook.

I’m tired and so ready for days off this week.  I’m hoping for low key, easy stuff around the house (that I can do in front of the TV while binge watching “Who Do You Think You Are?”)



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