Since it’s been on my to do list for weeks I wanted to prove to all of you that my guest room has finally gotten some attention!

First, this guy showed up at the beginning of this month:


I did a bunch of research and found that this, at $49.99 was cheaper than making my own.  Plus, I probably never would have gotten around to making one.  I put it on the bed right away but then dumped all my random house stuff in the guest room so I couldn’t show you guys how awesome it looks!

This week I finally got the room cleaned up so I can show you:


I got that rug at Ross for $19.99 and now I’m on the hunt for new curtains.  I love the yellow chevron still but it’s too bright.  I’m saving for wood blinds for each room (white for in here) so I’m thinking now I may just do sheers (with a pretty yellow trim detail.)  I still want a new bedskirt and a runner for the other side of the bed.  I also need to fill all those holes and do some touch up painting…it never ends!

But, for now, this room is guest ready.  Who is going to come visit??



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