(Mostly) Finished Patio

A few months ago my mother and I had an idea to move the bricks from my driveway to under the living room window in my front yard:


We thought it would be a simple little project that we could get done over two days.  I wasn’t looking for perfection and thought I would really like it even if it was kind of uneven so my mom dug up the flower bed that was here and started to loosely lay down the bricks.

My dad nixed this idea and said that we needed to do it “right.”

So, during the hottest week of the year (so far) we (he):


Put in a frame


Dug out all the dirt (I helped with this!)


Added gravel


Compacted it


Put down plastic to block weeds


Then put in sand and leveled it


And finally started putting down bricks!  Thankfully, this step went pretty quickly!



I left that back row because I thought we were going to have to cut bricks to fit into that back edge but luckily, for once, a project went better than expected!


It’s hard to tell in this picture but one row of bricks fit perfectly in the back row.  This morning we put sand down and called this done!  It needs another sweeping and probably a little more sand but this is a fully functioning seating area as it is now!


I’ve spent the last week searching for sun sails (white!) to put over this patio but I haven’t found anything that is the right size.  I’m hoping that the shade will make this a pleasant place to sit outside but also I’m hoping that the shade over that window will keep my house cooler.  Now I’m thinking I’m just going to have to buy yards of sun blocking fabric and make my own cover.  I also want a little table and some flower pots so I plan to start hitting some end of season sales next month.

So, I have to say my dad was right.  This looks much better done right and I’m happy to know that I should be able to enjoy this little space for many years to come!  Thanks dad!



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