Something Pretty

Last week I planned to make something pretty on my days off.

It’s been so hot outside that the last couple of weeks I’ve needed projects to do inside from about 11AM to nightfall.  These were perfect, mindless projects that I got done in just a couple of hours.


I started working on a little gallery wall in my kitchen and painted that blue “give thanks” sign.  I don’t hate it but I also don’t love it yet.  Maybe with some tweaking it’ll grow on me.  If not, I’ll paint over it and try something new.


I had that blue A in my bedroom (I’m thinking now I should have painted it) and all those corks (and many more) in my kitchen.  I’m not a lush, really!  I was a bartender for a while and obsessively saved all the corks.  The other girls would ask me what I was going to do with them and I would say, “I’ll think of something!”  The pins on Pinterest had much cleaner lines whereas mine is kind of wonky.  I like it up there on that shelf though and I love the different shades of red and pink so I’m going to embrace its unevenness.

I’m realizing now that not much can compare to my new patio so I’m going to have to up my game.  After a double shift tonight I’m exhausted and planning to sleep the heat of the day away tomorrow but I’m sure tomorrow night I’ll be wide awake and looking for a project to tackle!



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