Found Chair

On Saturday, on their way to my house, my parents saw a woman putting this chair out on the curb.  They asked about it and she told them to take it.

Last night I was so excited to get paint on it that I didn’t get a proper before:



The red and white (with some green mixed in) was the paint job that this chair came with.  I knew that I wanted it at my craft table in the living room and so I dug out the Valspar sample jar of English Tea Party and got to painting.

This is now my favorite brown.  What?  Doesn’t everyone have a favorite brown?  No?  Oh.



I did a little sanding but probably not as much as I should have so I just put down really light coats of paint.  Here it is after coat one.



And coat two



(how awesome is that scallop detail??)



After a couple of coats I flipped the chair over (and took blurry pictures…)



This was coat 3



Once the bottom was painted I flipped it back over and put a final coat on the top.  Also, I drank some wine.



Which might explain the blurry pictures…

Overall this took 4 thin coats.  I still have most of the sample container of paint left and the paint brush and wine were in my stash so, today this project cost me nothing.

There’s a better picture on my Instagram but I’ll try to take a non-blurry one today while it’s light out and I haven’t had any wine.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Found Chair

  1. I love your posts, Ali! You’re such a creative person. Your house is so adorable. Just wanted to send you a quick message because I recently discovered chalk paint, and it’s been pretty revolutionary. ( I’ve since painted like every piece of furniture I own. If you haven’t tried it, do! You don’t have to sand or prime, and it looks awesome. Just an FYI. Miss you and hope you’re well.

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