Let’s Look at the Backyard

I’m still working on the front patio-I’m one step closer to a shade cloth and I’m planning on a trip to the bigger city this week to get some flower pots and a small table for out there and then I’ll call this project done!

But today, let me show you the backyard:



That’s all the dirt we dug out of the front patio area.  It’ll be nice next year when I put down grass but right now it’s kind of a mess!



This is what the back patio looks like now.  Nevermind the ladder and chair, I was using them to figure out my next project.  But I couldn’t.  I want to hang white string lights over the patio but:

the only plug back here is by the meter in the middle of that wall

I’m short and I don’t want to hang them so low that average-to-tall people (like everyone else in my family!) get hurt

I don’t have good places to anchor them away from the house

there are a lot of different heights and angles back here

I don’t have any fancy editing software (rememberiamcheap) so bear with me on this:



These were the three ideas I had.  The yellow stars would probably be the easiest.  I’d string lights from the corner of the house to the outside corner of my closet bump out.  I’d string as many as I could, probably 4 to fill the space.  The aqua stars would run from the corner at the house and chimney and fan out to the corner of the closet.  I think I’d have to run wire from corner to corner to attach the lights across the patio.  And finally, I could run from the driveway side of the house across to the closet.  I think this one would look best but I also think it will be dangerously low for anyone close to 6 feet tall.

I hope you can picture what I mean because I want your advice!

Please let me know which you like-or give me some new ideas!  I’d like to work on this on my days off this week (and have it ready for a BBQ in August!)



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