July Thrift Store Finds

My BFF and I got this thirfting trip in just under the wire-yesterday-so I can still call these July finds!

The first store haul:



I originally went thrifting because I want to find a small dresser (or large nightstand) that I can turn into a little island/cart/bar area for my kitchen.  I didn’t find one but I did find this stool that I fell in love with!  The bottom will get spray painted (color TBD) but the top will stay that lovely wood.  Plus it was only $5.99.



Another tray for my kitchen wall (I’m so close to filling it!) and a wooden tray with the cool metal corners.  The tray is getting some coats of paint on it and using outside, if possible.  The metal plate was $2.99 and the wood tray was $3.99.

Next up:



My BFF thinks I’m crazy.  You might think I’m crazy but I’m going to prove all of you wrong when you see what I do with this haul!

The trunk is perfect-I love, love, love it!  Just kidding, it’s awful.  Or, was awful.  It’s gotten the first coats of paint already and it’s on it’s way to holding Henry’s dog food!  IT was $12.99 which is usually more that I’d spend at a thrift store but it’s the perfect size and worth at least $13 due its improvement over the plastic container holding his food now!



This mirror is small (12″ across) but I think with some black paint it’ll look great in my living room!  Plus it was only $2.99, hard to go wrong!



BFF is a much more meticulous shopper than I am.  I start out going aisle by aisle but then something catches my eye or I get worried that a treasure will be snapped up because I took too long to find it.  Good thing she’s thorough though because she spotted these A coasters!  8 for (I think $2.99-Denise, do you remember??)  Either way, they’re my favorite find of the day!



When I found my first duck bust (here) I thought it must be a one-of-a-kind.  I was wrong.  That’s right, for 99 cents I scored a second one and an now officially a collector of duck busts.  This one is going to get a nice coat of solid color paint that will match whatever room he ends up in.

You may remember that my first one is in my bedroom holding my (fake) pearl necklaces



and I just love her!  I hope this one also finds a good home in my house!

So I’ve spent this morning painting away, hoping to have a finished dog food trunk to show you soon!




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