Temporary Solution

I hate spiders.  Remember this from Week 7?


While there haven’t been any black widow sightings since then (I just knocked on wood!) I have had a lot of spiders in my laundry room.  In fact, in one area, the gap between the floor and wall is so big that the outside comes in.  Literally.  I pulled a weed INSIDE there a few weeks ago!  Plants I’m okay with, it’s when this happens:



That I freak out.  Nevermind Henry’s mangey ball and the unpainted bottom of that cabinet (there’s a plan!)  Also, I took this picture before I cleaned up that paint on the floor.  Don’t judge.

Here’s a close up



I took this picture to show you the gap between the wall and floor and the huge spider web strung across that space.  For the record, I didn’t see that spider on the leg of the cabinet until I looked at it on my computer.  Yikes.  I’ve seen him and a bigger one using that crack as a portal between inside and out and that was enough for me-I needed to solve this problem

I need my dad’s help in putting up the baseboards in here and he’s out of town for a couple of weeks.  I was explaining this nasty situation at work yesterday and my friend Tim suggested I use expanding foam in here.  So, first thing this morning I ran to Wal-Mart and picked up a can.



and I put on my spider killing shoes and I got to cleaning.  I swept everything off the floor but left the crack alone.  And t hen I read the directions.  I know, shocker!



And it looked terrible but filled the crack!  I didn’t need it to look pretty because this will be the first room to get baseboards-I just needed to try to control the spiders coming in and out of my house and I think this will do it!  The can said it was pretty toxic so I kept Henry and Prudie out of there while it dried.  I was also worried that Henry would get into the foam (even though it was dried) so I took a putty knife and shoved it further into the crack.  It’s still not pretty but doesn’t look this bad any more.

I’ll keep you updated on how well this worked and of course, will show you in progress pictures of the baseboads (fingers crossed for soon!)



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