Getting Ready for One Year-The Kitchen

My one year anniversary with my house is on the 28th of this month.  It’s hard to believe that I haven’t been here a whole year yet-the place looks completely different!  I’ve been going room to room making lists of things I’d like to get done before my one year anniversary.  They are mostly small projects that will hopefully have big impacts on how things look (and also hopefully make living here easier too!)

I’m starting with the kitchen.  I’m going to warn you, these pictures aren’t great and I’m a little embarrassed by how some of these look!

It’s pretty clear that the previous owners put a lot of money into the kitchen.  The cabinets are all new and the counter and backsplash are all tiled.  Except, nothing is actually finished.  This finish-everything-that-was-started project started with installing base cove  under the cabinets.  This week I’m moving to the upper cabinets.  Specifically the ones my dad didn’t install.

Starting with the cabinets to the left of my sink:



This is a terrible picture because I was trying to capture not only the 1″+ wide gap between the cabinet and wall but also the spider webs that have formed in there.  Gross.  These are the Denver stock cabinets from Lowes and I hear that I can buy a trim piece to put on that side.  However, I also want to close up the top and bottom (which my dad says isn’t necessary but I say, SPIDERS) and I’m thinking for the top I’ll just use a scrap piece of plywood and for the bottom-see below:



Directly below that cabinet is this.  It’s a pretty big gap.  I’m sure I could put some grout in there but I’m just not happy that you’ll still see those gaps.  So, (again, against Dad’s wishes) I’m going to put some trim up under the cabinet and take it around the underside to cover up that huge spider gap.



This is the counter under those upper cabinets.  I don’t want to do trim around here so I think this will probably just get a layer of caulk.  It’s not going to be perfect but it’ll be cleaner.



Now we move to around the window.  Again, more huge gaps between the window trim and the tile.  This will get trim too.



This gap is huge.  I’ve seen spiders come and go through there.  It has to go!



This is the cabinet to the right of the window.  The gap isn’t as bad here but I think it’ll need trim just to make it look intentional all the way around.



Below that though, is this.  More trim will go in underneath here and more caulk in that corner and a long the gap between the counter and the pantry cabinet.

While I’m working on this project, I”m also preparing for an update that has been on my list since Day 1.



New hardware.  This isn’t it.  This was the pretty-but-not-at-all-practical hardware that came with the house.  You can see in the picture of the knob that stuff gets stuck in all those grooves and the only way to get it out is with a toothpick.  Obviously I didn’t do that.  Sorry.

I bought the new stuff from this site and I can’t wait for it to come.  It was pretty inexpensive ($51.00 for all the hardware for the kitchen, four pulls for the cabinet in the laundry room and shipping) and I think I now know why.  It’s taking for-freaking-ever to get here!

I can’t wait to get started on all this!



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