Thrifted Trunk Makeover

Remember when I bought this trunk?  It only took me a week to clean it up and turn it into a dog food container for Henry.


This thing was definitely a diamond in the rough.  First I painted the inside white



And then painted two coats of, you guessed it, Hale Navy on each section of the outside.

Meanwhile, I really loved the hardware that came with the trunk but it was covered in the aqua and red paint.


I first tried scraping it off with my fingernails (#1 reason why I no longer pay for manicures) and then with a blue scrubbie.  Neither worked very well.  So I soaked it in nail polish remover.  Probably not the preferred method but it was what I had on hand.  I figured that I had nothing to lose as I could always spray paint them if they got ruined. (spoiler-they didn’t!)



I put two more coats of paint on the top and then printed out an “H” in a font I liked.  Then, without cutting it out, I centered it on the top and traced the outline with a ball point pen.  I pushed hard enough that the outline would transfer to the wood and then just filled it in with white paint.

trunk8After it was dry, I sprayed a coat of this lacquer and let it dry.  While that was happening I turned my attention to the laundry room.



This has been his food set up for the past (almost) year.  It wasn’t pretty.  So while the top was drying I reattached the handles and filled the trunk with dog food.  I didn’t think it would all fit but:



IT DID!  Never mind that mess on the floor.  I went a little crazy with that spray foam (but still no spiders!)  And don’t worry, someday I’ll get around to touching up that white edge!


I’m taking the lip licking to mean that Henry likes it too!






Two coats of lacquer later and I reattached the hinges and we were in business!  His water stays on the floor.  If you’re wondering why, check out this video.  Huge mess!

Since I had all the paint on hand and since I didn’t ruin the hardware, this project only cost me $12.99.  Small price to pay for this guy!



I’m pretty sure he could be a dog model, don’t you agree?

To close, here’s a side by side:







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