Two Day Two Do List

Last week:

  • hang the lights in the back yard.  Nope-but a good no!  It was TOO RAINY (yay!) for me to be comfortable near my metal roof on a ladder.  Safety first.
  • Do some thriftingYEP!  And more to come tomorrow!
  • finish painting the trim in the laundry room, my pallet side table and the trim around the new door-kinda done.  Laundry room paint is done and the table and the trim around the door have one coat on them but again, THE RAIN kept me from finishing it

My house is a disaster right now.  For some reason, I decided to rearrange the furniture in my living room.  I love the new arrangement but I don’t love the mess that it created in every other room of my house.  So in addition to finishing up the stuff from last week, I now need to put everything away!

And also:

  • the shade cloth for the patio should be here tomorrow so my #2 priority will be to get that up
  • I have one coat of varnish left to put on the top of my hideous thrift store trunk turned dog food holder which (weather permitting) will get done!
  • take a trip to the bigger city to get supplies to close up the gaps in the kitchen and hit up some thrift stores (still looking for a dresser to turn into an island!)

I’m excited to get started-I may even start when I get home from work tonight (who am I kidding, I’m going to watch Bar Rescue and go to sleep!)



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