The Patio is Covered!

Have you ever planned a project in your head only to find that it doesn’t work out the way you imagined it at all?  Yeah, me too.

Enter the shade cloth project (remember the patio??)  I searched Overstock, Amazon, and Google to find a white shade sail that would fit the dimensions of my new patio out front.  Nothing.  I found white but either way too big or way too small.  I found the right size but in a weird green.  No.  Then I found this:



$32.95 on Amazon with free shipping.  Sold.  It was a foot too long so I took it to my sewing room



Just kidding, I don’t have a sewing room.  That’s my living room.  I sewed in a 4″ pocket for the curtain rod.

My plan was to hang it across the bumped out entryway




and then kind of swag it over and bring it into a loose triangle shape at the corner of the house.  Easy peasy, right?



Wrong.  When I thought of draping and swagging I must have been thinking that this heavy, basically plastic fabric would move like silk.  It doesn’t.





So this morning I went to Wal-Mart and picked up another white curtain rod ($12.56) and started digging a hole.  I had a post hanging out in my back yard so I planted that in the corner of the patio



and hung one of the braces for the curtain rod on the house and the other to the post.  I feel like a freaking genius!  I should have dug a deeper hole but it was A) so hot out there and B) the dry, dry ground was really hard!  Next year I’ll I’ll dig it in deeper and I’ll paint it white.



Once it was up I realized I was too conservative in the pocket I sewed for the rod on the right.  It shades the window and those chairs so I’m not worrying about it yet.  When I take it down in the fall I’ll sew in a wider pocket so it’ll hang a little higher next summer.

I made a trip to Lowe’s yesterday and picked up those grey plastic pots.  The 16″ ones were $2.49 each and the 20″ one was $7.49.  There’s a thief on my street (he has taken ALL of my solar lights!) so I’m not keeping these out here until next spring when I can fill them with dirt and make them too heavy for him to pick up.  The chairs were free, remember, and I got that black plant stand at Big Lots.

The only thing that could make this better would be grass in my front yard instead of weeds and dirt.

This evening I plan to enjoy my new, cooler patio with some wine!



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