Pallet Wine Rack, Take Two

Remember when I made that wine shelf out of a pallet?  I’ve grown to hate it.



So I took it outside and started to cut it up



Yep, that’s my saw.  My shoulder and hands are killing me.  Now I remember why I didn’t do this in the first place!



When I was at Lowe’s on Wednesday I picked up a sample pot of Valspar’s New Avocado.  I had planned on saving it for when I found the perfect piece to turn into an island but then I thought, why not use it here??  Hate, hate, hate it.  New Avocado my butt.  Same old avocado from the 1970s.  Still not good.  Plus, after looking at it, I hated that the end and middle boards stuck up higher than the back board.  So, back to the handsaw I went.



MUCH better!  I leveled it by the flat board on the front and have just decided to live with it looking a little weird.  I also love the nasty pallet wood so I’m leaving that too.

Always a glutton for punishment (or because I prefer for things to be symmetrical,) I made another one.



Can I just tell you how much I hate that the outlet on this wall isn’t centered?  Before you tell me to just move it, remember that I use a handsaw.  As in, powered by my HANDS and not electricity or batteries.



The cork A went  back up and for now, my Mason jar and wine glass  are on the shelves too.  I estimate these bad boys can hold 12 bottles.  I only have 6.  Time to go to the store! 😉

This project taught me a valuable lesson.  I know how I want things and I shouldn’t talk myself out of good plans that will work just because I want to avoid some work.  Instead of being irritated by what’s there, now I’m proud of the sweat and blood (oh yes, I cut myself with the saw! ((not bad))  I put into making these.

In addition to rearranging the living room, kitchen and my bedroom, hanging the shade cloth, and making these, I’ve also helped my BFF pack up her house on my days off this week.  I’m exhausted (which will probably mean more tears as we say good bye) but will also probably mean smaller projects around the house for the next week or so.  Just bear with me!



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