Shade Cloth Update

In this post you will see a DIY fail and dead grass.  Sorry about that.

I got home on Thursday and found my shade cloth blown off one side, flipped over and up and caught on my satellite dish.  I unhooked it from the dish but it sat like this



until this morning.

I didn’t want to drive the 20 minutes to the nearest Lowe’s (three towns away!) so I went to the hardware store in town.

I wandered the aisles until something inspired me.

First I found these



1″ pipe holder things.  I don’t really know what they’re called but I knew they would work.  Then I was on the hunt for something sturdy that was over 6 feet long.

I found this



a handle for a broom, mop or whatever.  The guy working there looked at me like I was crazy but I knew it would work (plus it was cheaper than a wooden clothes rod.)

I went out front to assess the damage and immediately found the problems:



Yeah, that’s not holding much up…



and the metal rod ended up being pretty flimsy.



So, in a matter of minutes, I had these screwed in



and it all hung back up.  This solution cost me less than $10 (cheaper than the original curtain rod!)

I’ll have to add painting that wooden handle white to my list of things to do when fall hits but for now, I’m living with it.

I’m confident this set up will work, but I’ve said that before so I’m not holding my breath.




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