Kitchen Update

It’s looking like it’ll be a big week for my kitchen this week!  I’ve found a cabinet (something I already had!) for the island and my new hardware should be here any day.

To start though, I put up the trim to cover the gaps around my window and under my cabinets.

Remember what it was like before?  While it’s not done, it’s better:



Obviously I still need to clean up and caulk around the new trim but after living with it a few days, I think I’m going to leave all the trim around the cabinets natural.  It’s not a perfect match to the cabinet finish but I think it’ll blend in better than white.





The trim under the cabinets really just disappears so I think some caulk will finish this off.





The trim under the window, however, will get painted white.  Really, I should have painted it white before I put it up, but I didn’t so I’m thinking painting this little strip will be the most time consuming part of this whole project.

I have paintable white caulk for the trim under the window but I still need to find some for around the other trim.  Clear?  Tan?  I haven’t decided yet but I’ll surely keep you updated!



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