Bonus Bathroom Project and a Plan

Yesterday I showed you the kitchen and today I want to show you the small bathroom project I was working on simultaneously.  I’ve found that this is how I work best-I need something to do while I’m waiting for paint and caulk to dry!

When I went to Lowe’s last week I picked up an 8 ft piece of pine.  I could have gone with quarter round but I liked this squared off trim better.

I was so excited to get the bead board up in here but it really drew attention to how uneven my floor was in there.  Remember that gap?  It’s gone now!



It went up with Liquid Nails just like the trim in the kitchen.



Then it got a coat of the Valspar Semi Gloss white that I painted the trim and bead board with.  See that corner?  Here’s what it looked like until yesterday:


Soooo gross.  I vacuumed that out and filled it with caulk.  And then, because my hands were already dirty I decided to tackle something else:



That’s a huge gap between the tile and the bathtub.  Every time I took a shower I pictured the boards under the tub slowly rotting away because any liquid on that floor would run right into this gap.

So, out came the white caulk:



This took A LOT of caulk.  I think three layers.  But now it’s clean and hopefully water tight.

There are still a lot of problems in here.  The sides and top edges of my surround aren’t finished and I really hate the tile on the floor in here.  I had originally liked my shower surround-it was new and plain and would go with everything.  It’s still neutral but a plumbing mishap resulted in this not being in new condition anymore.  Plus I was struggling to find a solution for the weird couple of inches on the left side and the not wide enough to be a ledge in the shower.

So, I came up with this:



1.  White subway tile in the shower with

2. white penny tile as an accent.  I don’t know yet how I’d incorporate it but I like a different texture up against the subway tiles.  I want to keep it all white so it can stay neutral

3.  The beadboard will stay, of course

4.  these floor tiles are bathroom safe and add another layer of texture and more interest than the white tiles in there now

5.  I’ve been dreaming of a shower head like this for a year!

6.  And of course, I’m keeping the same Calvary blue.

Good thing I have so much experience tiling!  Okay, I have no experience but I’m confident that I can learn!  I haven’t measured or priced anything out yet so there could be some tweaking depending on how difficult and expensive my choices are.

Once my dad gets home from his vacation I’ll pick his brain to see if he thinks this is something I can pull off!



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