Kitchen Island

The wheels arrived on Wednesday and I found the legs on my doorstep on Thursday afternoon and I wasted no time getting this sucker started!

Do you recognize this?


Maybe from here?



It’s the old phonograph cabinet I bought at a Black Friday sale last year.  My TV has been on it since February but a free dresser (found through Facebook) turned into my new TV stand freeing this guy up to be my new kitchen island!



I realize that these wheels look weird.  I wanted something kind of old fashioned looking and these fit the bill.  The legs are 7″ (everything from Lowe’s) and the four wheels and four legs were $32.00 with shipping.  Since I had the cabinet and stain already, that $32 was all I spent for a new kitchen island!



I pulled out my biggest bit, went to my workshop  and started drilling holes in the bottom of each leg.



Just kidding, that’s my craft table in my living room.  I just love that joke!



By far the most time consuming part of this project was drilling these holes and hammering the wheels in.  There was a mark on each wheel so I hammered them in to that point so they would all be level.  I also stained them with Minwax Dark Walnut which is not a perfect match but works for me.  I hope to put beadboard across the back (it’s flimsy and has speaker holes in it) that I may paint a fun color and I may decide to do the legs too.



While the stain was drying I tipped the cabinet over and unscrewed the original legs.  Henry helped.



And then it was as simple as screwing the new legs in



and flipping it back over.



The top opens up in two sections.  One with a rim around an open hole (on the left) and one that’s just a big box.



Originally I thought I would leave that shelf in the middle of the one section but then



my appliances wouldn’t fit.  All these things were in my hall closet so it’ll be really nice to have them all in the kitchen now!



I also moved my baking supplies to the top.  I have another one of those metal containers (which fit in there perfectly!) and as soon as I find it I’ll put it in the other half of that first side.



I am already loving this!  Remember that stool I got a few weeks ago from a thrift store?  Perfect here!



I am loving the extra space I have around that corner to the hallway and even more, I love that this is so easy to move around to where I need it.

I’m sure the stuff inside will change around over time and I’m still on the hunt for another barstool but, for now this is done!



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