A Wreath and a Disappointment

I waited around alllllllllllllll day for my new kitchen hardware to arrive and it finally did after 5:30 PM.  I ripped that box open and got started installing it.  Except, the screws they sent are all too long.  Like so long there’s at least half an inch visible between the cabinet and knob.  So long that the pulls dangle off the drawer fronts.  I’m so disappointed!  So, I need to go to the hardware store to find some that are the right size.  Or I might reuse the screws from the ones I took off.  But I’m trying to see those, will not having the screws make people not want to buy them?  Ugh.

Anyways, here’s a sneak peek at the new hardware:



They’re both Oil Rubbed Bronze and look great with each other in person.  In this photo they look kind of weird with each other…


While I was waiting for the hardware to arrive I made this quick wreath out of two 6′ garlands.  Basically I just formed them into a circle and tied them together with green floral wire every couple of inches.  Not bad for a quick 15 minute project!

wreath 1




I even love how it looks from the inside!



To keep it up I hung  a 3M hook upside down (thanks Pinterest!) on the inside of the door, tied a knot in the ribbon and then put it over the hook.  So far it’s still up!





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