Nekkid No More!

I ordered new hardware for my kitchen in July.  Thinking it would be here quickly I took off all the old stuff.  Remember what the old hardware looked like?



Pretty, but not me.

I found Knob Deals through a Google search and originally ordered these:

Brainerd #P18009W-VBG-C - 3 Beverly Rectangular Cabinet Pull, Bronze with Gold Highlights Brainerd #P18008W-VBG-C - 1 Beverly Square Cabinet Knob, Bronze w/Gold Highlights

but after 2 weeks of waiting for them I learned that they were back ordered indefinitely.  So, rather than wait I chose two more:

#1178 - 1-1/4Cabinet Knob, Oil-Rubbed Bronze#1500 - 3 (76mm) Drawer Pull, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

What I wanted was simple and easy to clean.  While I didn’t see the first set in person, I’m so happy with my 2nd choice!  Simple lines and clean up with a simple swipe of a cloth.

I got (most) of them up yesterday and today and didn’t want to wait any longer to show you pictures!  All I have left are the two pulls on the new cabinets around the stove.  I need to drill new holes and I’m afraid of messing that up!



Step 1 was to wipe down all the cabinets.  They were grosser that I thought they would be.



Once I had the right sized screws this wall went fast!  I used the holes already there from the old hardware.  Some are unlevel and kind of wonky but I’ll just live with it.



The only holes I had to drill in this section were the two for the pantry cabinet on the right.  I measures and checked the level before putting any holes in those doors!



I went with the same measurement (1.5″ from each edge) as the holes from the other cabinets just so everything would match.  (I’m not showing you the bottom cabinets yet because they’re not done)



Here are the knobs and pulls together.  Not matchy matchy but complimentary, just my style!



I just love this section with all the new pulls.  Yesterday I found myself stroking them and I stood at the sink.  It’s the simple things!

I’m so glad I have this done before the end of the first year!  Now all that’s left to do in here are shelves over the fridge and baseboards!  But I think I’ll save that for Year 2.



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