First Year Favorites

These are not ranked in order of how much I love them.  I just couldn’t declare one more awesome than the other.  That would be like me deciding who I love more, Prudie or Henry:  it depends on the day!

1.  The driveway


This is a favorite for a few reasons.  First, I no longer have to back down this loooooong driveway onto a busy street.  Second, the driveway through to the alley means no more gross sheds.  Remember how bad they were?


2.  The new back door


It was A LOT of work but having it changed my life!  Seriously.  With the installation of this door I no longer had to walk Henry around the house to get to the backyard.  This would have been handy to have during oh, THE WINTER and also his I’m-running-away-from-you-every-chance-I-get-lady phase.  sogladthatsover.

Remember the before?


3.  The fireplace wall

It was at this point


in my renovation that I thought  I had made a huge mistake and that I would never actually live in this house.

When that turned into this


and then this


I felt like I might have a home after all.

4.  The bead board in the bathroom


I knew I wanted to do this from Day 1.


It’s the first project I did all by myself.  It’s not perfect but nothing in this house is and I’m okay with that.

5.  Closing up the 2nd doorway in the guest room

I remember saying to my dad one day, “what if we took out that doorway?”  Fully expecting him to tell me that it was a bad idea.


But I went over one day and the door was gone.  Before I knew it the room looked like this


and finally this.


Taking out that doorway made sense for this room-that’s really the only place to put the bed! -but also because of this:


One of the nicest pieces of furniture I own.  The desk my uncle built for my 16th birthday.  I had no good place to put it until we closed off that door.  Now it’s the first thing you see when you walk in my house!

I’m loving this trip down Memory Lane and have a couple more posts to share (along with Day 1/Day 365 pictures) over the next week!



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