Shade Cloth, Part IV

I’m starting to get sick of talking about this shade cloth.  I mean, I love the cloth but I’m sick of it coming down!  The few days that it stayed up I noticed a 15 degree difference between the temperature outside and inside my house so I definitely want to find a solution for keeping that sucker up!

We’ve been getting gusty winds and rain the last few weeks (thankfully!) that have been knocking my cloth down.  Here’s what I came home to Tuesday night:



From the driveway side it looked like my house had a veil



So, back to the hardware store I went where I picked up two more plumbing bracket things and another dowel.



Now that I know how to use a saw I’ll chop this dowel down a little when I take this down in the fall but for now I’m just happy that this stayed up through the wind we got last night.


Henry was not happy that he didn’t get to help with this project, hence his creeper stare through the curtains.

So, my goal is to not talk about this shade cloth anymore!  At least until next spring when I paint the post and dowels white and hem the cloth to fit the space better.  🙂




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