The Kitchen, a Year Later

I think this room deserves some side by sides:



I love how the green makes the cabinets seem brighter.   I also love Henry’s photobomb.



Now, I love me some beadboard but this?  This was bad. It wasn’t done well so it came down pretty quickly.  It’s all still sitting in my shed and I’d like to use it to back the bookcase in the laundry room.  There’s a lot of it so it may also end up in some craft projects too.  (Pinterest search for beadboard craft coming right up!)



I’m just so happy with how this room has changed.  I’m pretty sure this room kept buyers away-the exposed lathe, the burn on the floor, the uneven beadboard….what ever it was, I’m grateful!



Adding the cabinets and stove to this wall has made a huge difference!  It’s still easy to get through to the hallway and I love that I don’t have to walk across the kitchen to get from the stove to the sink.  Henry has a tendency to follow me around (hence his appearances in every picture!) and I’m sure I would trip over him if I had to walk from where the stove was (where the fridge is now) to the sink.  Not terrible, except when carrying a pot of boiling water!

Everything about this room makes me happy!  My new island has given me more space (no more table!) and more storage so now things are easier to get to and put away!

I don’t have big plans for this room in my second year.  Baseboards and replacing the shades on the ceiling far are about all I have left!



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