The Laundry Room

The laundry room was bad.  Really bad.  For a long time.



That wall on the left?  Moved.  It’s also all that was keeping a person from toppling into the basement stairs (which we all know I certainly could have done!)

It became a tool room



and then where I just stuck stuff to be out of the way



Then my dad built a bookcase to take the place of the dangerous wall



and finally we replaced the window with another door and put in a washer and dryer

which brings us to today:



The bookshelf is kind of a mess.  Prudie is messy, all the paint on the bottom shelf is messy (but I’m touching up and don’t want to keep going up and down to Spider City errr, the basement.)  The lights on top are out so I can put them up over the back patio



That wood box out there?  The project I learned to use a saw for.  🙂  The h e a v y rain yesterday kept me from finishing it but hopefully I can show you soon!



You can kind of see how I shoved the foam down into the crack behind that cabinet.  It still looks bad which is earning this room baseboards first!

I’m still putting together my plan for what I want to do in here but I’ll share it soon!




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