Guest Room, Day 1 and Day 362

Ohhh, this is a good one!  The lime green is gone as are the weird copper switch plates and, oh yeah, the extra door!

guest collage1


Not that door, of course.  That leads to the craft closet.  These pictures make the paint look really blue.  It isn’t, it’s a nice dark teal.



I replaced the yellow chevron curtains



and put up aqua sheers.  I don’t think I like them.  I really wanted yellow in my curtains so I think I’m going to return them.



I’ve been reading a lot about using (new) drop cloths as an affordable option to linen curtains.  Of course I can’t keep it that simple so now I’m also reading about stenciling them.  I’ll keep you updated.



You might have noticed I moved the bookshelf from out of here when I showed you my entryway update.  I found this little cabinet on Facebook ($20) and had originally thought I would use it for my kitchen island.  It was going to take more work (adding a bigger top, longer legs, etc) so I abandoned that project.  I like it so much better in here.  It ties into the wood on the side tables and I love that woven effect on the front.  I’ll replace the handles at some point but that’s low on the priority list.

With this wrap up I’m down to one room left to show you-my room!  I have three days to get it done and, in all honesty, the only thing holding me up is I reallllllly need to wash my duvet cover.  The wonderful rain we’ve been getting has left it covered in muddy Henry prints.  It’s in the washer now so I’m hoping to get pictures tomorrow!




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