I bought my house at the very end of summer and knew I wasn’t going to do much until Spring.  The first priority was getting those sheds out so I could drive through to the alley




Plus, look how terrible they were on the yard side!

I also wanted to trim up the pine tree in the front yard so it wouldn’t scrape my car as I drove by



Things were good for a minute this spring but it went downhill fast:



All that green?  Weeds.  They need to be cut but it’s been too rainy the last couple of days.



The pine tree is doing well but all the gladiolas have died.



I actually think that people see the outside of my house and think I must live in a dump.  I hope to change that next year!



I’m helping my dad build these two HUGE planter boxes to put off the side of my cement patio.  Those tall posts at each corner?  For lights.  🙂



Here’s my dirt garden.  It’s doing pretty well, as you can see.  I plan to replace the picket fence in the back with the 6′ cedar fence that’s on the other two sides.  I want to relocate the picket fence to the front by the rock wall to keep people (me) from falling.



Here’s a better view of where the planters will go; on the dirt right off the edge of the cement.



You can see I’ve lost a branch on the apple tree that’ll have to come down.  I’m hoping that all the new growth at the bottom and in the center means it’s still doing okay.  I’ll have someone come out next month to prune it and let me know if she’s going to make it.



Yeah, I’ve pretty much killed everything back here.   😦  I don’t have a spigot back here and I was sick of hauling the hose so I just used a watering can but I don’t think stuff got enough water.  My pan is to call a plumber to come out and put a spigot on this side of the house so I won’t have this problem next year.



As you can see, all the roses didn’t make it.




Almost dead.


Doing alright.


Doing GREAT!  Surprisingly, this bush is the one that’s gotten the least amount of attention from me.  Sigh.



We’ve been getting great storms the last couple of days and it’s been nice to watch them roll in over the mountains in the afternoons.

Tomorrow (the 27th) is year ONE!  I can’t wait!





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