Thank You

It was about this time last year that I got the keys to my house, wait, I didn’t get keys.  The house was a foreclosure and was secured by a padlock so after allllllll the papers were signed (papers we almost didn’t have, by the way) the representative from the bank(?) I don’t really know who owned the house before me, followed me over here and unlocked the door.  And took the padlock.  So here I was, thrilled to have a house but stuck because I couldn’t lock it.  As she has several times over the last year, my mom came over and saved the day.  I ran to the store and got another padlock and then took all of my Day 1 pictures.

019 (2)

Then I texted everyone I knew in town and put out a plea on Facebook which read:

“I don’t have any food or drinks or electricity or water but somebody come visit me!”

My friend Cortny came over for a quick tour before having to go back to work.  Then it got dark and I had to leave because I didn’t want to sit in an old, unfamiliar, dark house.


I looked at so many houses and made 5 offers before finally getting this house.  My Realtor told me during one of my heartbreaks that when it’s the right house, everything “flows.”  Boy was she right!  I had issues with every other house I found and fell in love with that prevented me from sealing the deal.  This house was actually the first house my mom looked at (peeked in the windows!) but it wasn’t a contender because at the time, it was at the top of my budget and required a lot of work.  Fast forward a year to when they dropped the asking price by HALF and I finally got to see the inside.  By the time I made the offer on this house I was not optimistic at all.  I loved the house and made the offer but figured it wouldn’t work out.  And then it did.  Holy moly.


I remember I was supposed to close earlier in the day but the Title Company hadn’t sent over the paperwork so we had to push it back to 4:00.  My sweet friend Shiloh took me to lunch to take my mind off the waiting and before I knew it I was ready to sign.  Except the paperwork still wasn’t there.  That’s when I saw my sweet, calm Realtor turn into a shark.  She made a phone call and those papers started rolling off the fax machine.  In other words, it flowed.

henry16And then came 6 weeks of frantic cleaning, painting, fixing, texturing, cleaning, working, cleaning, painting (and more cleaning) and a wedding, and Bunco, and a baby shower and then before I knew it, I was living here!

LR5eI am so grateful to everyone who helped me with this house!  My Realtor, Denna is the most patient, understanding, thoughtful person!  She stuck with me through a year of house hunting and if she thought I was crazy to buy a 100+year old fixer upper, she was never anything but supportive and excited for me.


I also have to thank friends who listened to me stress over the buying process and who have come to visit, come to my parties, stopped by, (with their babies and ice packs {remember the fall??})  followed my blog and said nice things about my crazy decorating ideas.  Love you all!


I knew I had the best family in the world before I bought my house so I’m not surprised by their gifts and kind words.  The only thing that could make it better is if one of you would come and visit me already!


 Every time I log into WordPress I’m shocked and thrilled to see how many views my posts get, even if it’s only in the 40s ;).  I’m so flattered that people chose to read my posts and follow me.  Over the last couple of months I’ve even gotten some international followers-wow!  I’m so humbled and thankful when I read my follower’s posts, they’re awesome, and they like me!  Thank you all so much for sticking with me!


My mother has probably completed 5x the number of projects than I have in this house.  She prepares my yard for the changing seasons, paints a perfect edge, stands on a ladder over a stairway, walks Henry while I’m at work,  does the nasty/hot/scary work, kills spiders and calls my house a “sweet little house.”  Which, if I was starting a blog now, would be my blog’s name.  🙂



And finally, my dad.  He made this house liveable.  Patching up the lathe, fixing leaks, putting in doors and cabinets and picture ledges and patios and drywall and tearing down sheds and dangerous half walls.


 So tonight I’m drinking champagne and watching some DVRed shows and maybe doing some crafts.  I’m excited to start Year Two tomorrow!








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