The Plan for Year Two

This list will be much smaller than last year’s but no less exhausting, I’m sure!

The Entryway



  • reattach the baseboards around the door.  They need to be cut down to accommodate the trim around the front door.
  • repaint that bookcase?  I haven’t decided yet.

The Living Room






  • re-attach the baseboards around the hearth and on the fireplace wall
  • get a gas insert for the fireplace.  ONLY if it’s a good deal.  I’m doing fine without it and Henry sure likes his bed there!

The Kitchen



  • baseboards
  • blind in the window?  I just can’t decide

The Laundry Room



  • baseboards
  • finally fix those lights.  Cut the zip ties and make them the right heights
  • put in a screen doors (I’m in love with this one) on the side and back doors.  It would be nice to have them open without having Henry run free!
  • fix the floor.  It’s uneven and creaky.  I’m thinking the same floor tiles as I want in the bathroom

The Hallway



  • baseboards!  As you can see in the picture on the right, it’s bad in there!
  • replace the doors to the bathroom and bedrooms.  I want these and I’m still deciding on knobs.  Do I do oil rubbed bronze because it’s my favorite?  Or do I brushed nickel because that’s what I have on my front and back doors?  Decisions, decisions…

The Hall Bath



  • finish putting up baseboards
  • take out the shower surround and add subway tile
  • take out the floor, level it (is that possible??) and install new tile
  • stay tuned for the whole plan!

Guest Room



  • new curtains
  • patch all the holes in the walls
  • put up the new ceiling fan
  • install baseboards


Master Bedroom



  • I have big plans for that doorway into the closet.  But it’s a surprise.
  • overhaul the master closet

Master Bath



  • all that needs to be done in here is patching holes

Front Yard



  • grass
  • dig those flower beds down so water doesn’t run right off the wall
  • replant something easier to care for
  • get the stump ground out and plant an Aspen tree


Back Yard



  • finish those planters
  • build a garden planter in the yard
  • paint the shed
  • put up the new fence and relocate the white one
  • grass
  • put in some stepping stones around the garden planter
  • prune the apple tree

I’m so proud of how far we’ve come with the house.  I’m happy that now all that’s left are things to make my life a little easier and/or prettier.



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