How Many Wreaths Are Too Many?

Can I have a wreath in every room?  Because I love them and I love to make them.

I had some scraps of pipe insulator tubes (from cutting them to the length I wanted for our Pinterest wreath project) and thought I’d make a quick little wreath.



The tutorials I read on this project all said that they are hard to form into a circle.  I twisted the foam (you can see from the plastic on the left by my thumb) and it kept it in place pretty well.



I also found these olive vase fillers at Target for $1.48 and figured a wreath for less than $2 would be pretty awesome!



I knew I didn’t have enough olives to cover the whole form so I wrapped it in ribbon I had leftover from Christmas.  (You can see in this picture that the wreath wanted to not be a circle.  I just worked it and twisted it until it went back into the shape I wanted.)



And then I just started hot gluing the olives all the way around.  I trimmed off all the stems and sorted them by color because I’m a little OCD.



I knew it would be hard to put a hanger on over the olives so I planned to leave a gap.  I also wanted to make sure I liked how it looked so periodically I’d hang it up and step back to see if I had any holes.



Then I started filling in the gaps with the leaves



until I liked how it looked.

Now it’s hanging in my kitchen



with all my other random decorations.

This one was easy peasy!

The pipe insulation was about$.20 per foot and I used less than 2 feet-$.40

Vase filler-$1.46

Total for this project: $1.86.  Sweet!



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