Drop Cloth Curtains, Part I

As I told you yesterday, my impressionable decorating mind is now on the bandwagon with drop cloth curtains.

I got the first few steps done yesterday and I thought I’d share.


I bought two packages of these for $10.98 each.  I washed each one once and hung them out to dry.  The fabric was stiff and had a weird odor straight out of the package but one wash softened it up enough for me and completely got rid of the odor.


I debated about bleaching them but I figured that could go horribly wrong and cause this “curtains on the cheap” project to add up quickly.  I figured I would see how I liked them once they were hung up and then make decisions about how I wanted to alter them.  I love that they’re fuller than the chevron curtains:


(they were pretty puny.)

I also love that the drop cloths add some more texture in here.  Originally I thought I’d stencil a pattern onto the drop cloths (these stripes are pretty and seem easy, right?) but I want to be sure I find the right yellow to compliment the duvet cover.  For now I’m going to hem them because they look like this:


Which will give me about 3 feet of fabric to work with.  I’m thinking about making some pillow cases (maybe do the stencil here so if I mess it up I can just toss it?) to tie the bed to the curtains a little better.

I also still have this


I bought this when my dad and I hit up a ReStore the day after I took my fall.  My dad thought I was crazy then and probably still thinks I’m crazy because I’ve done nothing with it.  Yes, that’s still the price tag on it.  I want to give those metal pieces on the bottoms of the legs a coat of gold spray paint and maybe sand and re-stain the legs to match the new cabinet and the side tables.  I thought about doing a pretty box pleated slip cover but I think that’s too girly.  This ottoman needs simple so I’ll probably just stable the fabric on and pull it tight.

So that’s where I stand with my new curtains.  I’ll be happy if I can just get them cut to the right length today before work cause I think throwing in some stitches (hahahahaha, iron on hem tape is more like it!) might be pushing it with the other projects I have going on!



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