Thrift Store Frames

I hit up the thrift store a few days ago looking for some picture frames.

Remember these pictures I have hanging in my laundry room? You have to look closely-I can’t find a single close up picture of those wires and binder clips holding up my pictures:



I like the idea but not the execution.  I felt like I needed something more substantial there so I went off in search of frames.



I paid $6 for these four frames.  They’ll all be painted (what I want: Hale Navy, what I should do: white) and hung on that wall with the wire strung inside the frame.  This way it won’t look so random but will still be easy to switch out the pictures if I want.

While in the frame section I saw a box labeled “unassembled flag display case-$4”  WHAT?  I NEED a flag display case:



That flag deserves better than a plastic bag!

I snatched it up and immediately set to putting it together when I got home:



Ummmmm, yeah, that’s big.  Needless to say my flag is still without a proper display case but I’m hoping my dad can use this to display my grandfather’s larger flag.  I’ll let you know!

I know I won’t have time to paint those frames and string the wire this week but my schedule is changing and I’ll now have 4 nights at home to get things done!  So, stay tuned for those (and maybe seeing some finally finished projects!) soon!



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