Fall Wreath Pinterest Party

I love doing crafts.  I also love eating delicious food and seeing my friends.  These Pinterest parties let me do all three at once!

I wanted a fall wreath for my front door so, of course, I decided to host a party.  I searched Pinterest for “fall wreath” and as soon as I found the corn husk wreaths I was sold!

Tonight I’ll show you pictures from our party and tomorrow I’ll show you how we made the wreaths, ok?  Good.



It turned out to be perfect that there were only three of us at this party.  Everyone had their own glue gun and table to work at so nobody had to wait their turn.



I made a practice wreath yesterday to make sure it all worked.  I realized that the most time consuming part of this project was preparing the husks and I wanted to be sure we could get down to the fun stuff when everyone showed up for the party so I made a 10000 (give or take) over the last couple of days.



Mandy’s wreath



Barb’s wreath



My wreath

Sorry about the dark pictures.  My not fancy camera and not fancy editing did the best they could!

I’m excited to show you the how to tomorrow!



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