Thrift Store Frames-Done!

Remember these frames I bought last week?

And remember my pictures in my laundry room?


I debated about painting the frames white but I didn’t think there would be enough contrast so I went with, of course, Hale Navy.



I initially thought I’d use all four but the sizes didn’t work.  I still used the wire and eye hooks but strung it across the frame instead.  I need to tighten the bottom wire in the big frame but I need to wait for the paint to dry.


I put two coats on the inside and edges of these and one coat on the fronts before I hung them up.  I knew there was a possibility that the fronts would get dinged and/or scratched in the shuffling and hanging process so I planned to do the final touch up coat once they were on the wall.  I’ll let them dry and harden up for a couple of days and then take the big one down and put in a new wire.


I’m not sure what happened here.  From this angle this paint looks really pink.  It’s not.  I don’t know why this happened.

There’s still quite a bit of room on this wall so I’ll add frames as I like their sizes and shapes and add more pictures as I go.  For now, I’m loving this arrangement better than the plain wire on the wall!



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