Touch Up



You might remember that I don’t measure or level or plan when I’m hanging stuff on the walls.  I don’t recommend this.  Moving all my accessories has left most rooms in my house with nail/screw/pin holes all over them.

One smart thing I did do though was this:



Luckily my mother likes this jelly that comes in glass jars with cute little handles.  Once empty they make the best containers for touch up paint.  I’m pretty clumsy so I know that me carrying around a gallon of paint could result in a paint disaster pretty quickly.  So a few months ago my mom and I dumped some paint from the gallon cans into these glass jars so I can just carry them around while I’m touching up paint.

I think most people don’t get excited about touching up paint but I was ready to get those holes covered!

This week I got almost everything done-laundry room, kitchen and both bedrooms can be checked off the list so now all that’s left are the bathrooms.



I can’t believe what a difference a little paint makes!  I filled the holes and let them dry over night and then put the paint up yesterday.



My room was by far the worst.  I’ve experimented with a collage wall, large frames, mirrors, picture ledges and shelves which left these walls looking like Swiss cheese.  But not anymore!

Now that all I have left in my house is big, big stuff (I’m looking at you hall bathroom!) it’s nice to complete a simple task that makes suck a big difference!



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