My tree lawn is infested with terribly pretty weeds that hurt so bad when you touch them.  We’ve been calling them goat’s heads but a Google search tells me that they’re actually called Puncturevines which is the perfect name for them.

My mother has been weeding my tree lawn all summer (with two pairs of gloves on at a time!) and she’s done.  Never again.



Those pretty flowers?  Deadly.



See those green blobs?



See why they’re called goat’s heads?  They hurt when they’re green but when they dry out they break apart and look like this



Tiny little devils.  It’s like they jump out and impale themselves into your feet when you’re not expecting it.



They come in on shoes and lay (lie?) in wait for you to walk through with bare feet.  Then they drive themselves all the way into your foot and draw blood.  I’m not kidding.

So, the point of this post is that my tree lawn is getting a makeover.  After a steal of a deal at Wal-Mart today I now have a plan for this strip of land and I hope to show you Phase I soon!



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