The Sky is Falling

Between the heavy rain this week and this:



it sure felt like the sky was falling!



There had been a leak here before and we thought some Flex Seal would fix it (which it did, just temporarily) but I learned this week that while that stuff is cool, it’s not a permanent fix.

The damage was done by me.  There was a big bubble that I figured was full of water so I hit it with a broom.  Turns out it was pretty dry and the paint cracked and flaked.  It also appears that the primer and paint we put up in here came completely away from the tan paint*.  Hmmmmm.

So, my dad to the rescue!



I have 3 vent pipes in this section of roof.  Two of them were heavily coated with tar and one was not.  That was the one we Flex Sealed last fall so we (by “we” I mean, “my dad”) were pretty sure a heavier application of a product actually meant for this would do the trick.



So on it went.  Lots and lots of coats with that yellow mesh tape stuff between layers*.

Snow is flying on the other side of the state so it probably won’t be long before we get hit and this gets put to the test!


*let’s be honest.  We all know you come here for my technical language and impressive knowledge of all things DIY 😉

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