Tying the Room Together

When we last left off I clipped my new drop cloth curtains up in the guest room.  This week I finally got around to trimming them and making pillowcases.



I measured and cut them with an extra inch for hemming.  I haven’t hemmed them yet so they still pool a little but definitely better than the 30″ of fabric that was there last week.



I took the fabric I cut off the curtains to make pillowcases for the bed.  I wanted to keep the finished edges for the open end of the pillowcase so I laid it out, right side up and set the pillow inside it.



Then I pinned the bottom at the end of the pillow.  Sure I could have measured it but this was easier.  Then I sewed around the three edges and turned it right side out.  I had enough to do two regular size pillows with a little bit left over (which will probably turn into a throw pillow.)



Henry and Prudie were very interested in this project.  Maybe not.  It’s probably just the room.  Since I got the new duvet cover this room has been on lockdown with no pets allowed!



I love it!  I made pillowcases!



I’m trying to find more ways for the lineney pillows to play nice with the white stripes on the duvet cover.  I’ll buy another drop cloth next time I’m at Lowe’s to make a new bed skirt but for now, we’re one step closer.



I like that they tie in to the curtains but I think they need more.  While at Wal-Mart I picked up a couple of paint chips to try to match this yellow so I can do some stenciling.

guest4That Dusty Gold is perfect (at least in person!) so I’m planning to pick up a little bit next time I’m at Wal-Mart.  I’m thinking yellow stripes on the little (yet to be made) throw pillow and the curtains?  I’m not sure how far I’ll take it but I’m thrilled to finally have found a match!

Yes, I still need another lamp.  And oh yeah, baseboards.  Sigh.



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