Bookcase Redo

It seems like I’ve been rushing around the last couple of days, feverishly painting and moving and adjusting things but when I look around, it looks like nothing has gotten done.

I moved the bookcase from my guest room to the entryway a few weeks ago and it sat there, all Azalea Leaf surrounded by Bay Waves and Poppy Petal.



I debated about leaving it (I do love that greeny-blue!) but I decided that it just didn’t work.  So I checked out the paint I had on hand and decided to go with Almost Charcoal (also seen in my bedroom.)



I think a combination of age and weather has taken it’s toll on this guy.  Also, it hasn’t been dusted in weeks!



I wiped it down and put on the first coat of paint and left it in my living room to dry.  This was risky because A) I have a hyperactive dog that could have gone barreling through here at any moment and B) Prudie seems to loooooove jumping up on freshly painted surfaces and then prancing around with her pretty, pretty feet.  Luckily, neither of these things happened.



Second coat, same as the first.  Once everything was dry I moved it back into the entryway and put the shelves back in.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT dry…notice the scratches in the paint above that first shelf.  Hopefully it’s nothing a little touch up paint can’t fix!



The baskets came from my laundry room and one holds ice melt and the other winter hats and gloves.  It’ll be cold again before we know it and I’m ready!

I’m sure I’ll find more to put on this shelf but one of my goals is to not buy anything.  My house is small and I have a bunch of stuff in it-I can’t imagine there’s anything I could possibly need for this room that I don’t already own!

I’ve started some stenciling on the drop cloth in the guest room and if it turns out okay, I’ll share it with you tomorrow.  Actually, even if it doesn’t, I’ll still share!



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