Stenciled Drop Cloth Pillow

Warning-this post contains a whole lot of pictures for a tiny, tiny pillow.

After making curtains and then pillowcases I had two little pieces of drop cloth left over.  I thought they’d make a perfect little accent pillow and it occurred to be that this would be the perfect project to try painting on.

I started by finding a design.  I searched and searched the internet for a “free printable simple geometric stencil design.”  I found free, and I found geometric but my idea of “simple” is very different than other people’s.  So I decided to just make something up.



I cut a wood shim off at an angle and just started tracing out this little arrow design.



I may or may not have been inspired by my nails…



I bought this when I was painting the bead board in my bathroom and I’ve also used it for the trim in the laundry room and lots of little craft projects.  Best $10 I’ve spent!



Then I just started painting.



Originally I thought I’d just do one coat of paint but when I looked at it in the light of the next day, I realized it needed two.  If I wasn’t trying to make it work with the white in the duvet cover I would have left it with one coat.

I let the paint dry for a day and then decided to wash it to see if I could get rid of the pencil lines.  All that happened on Monday and I thought I’d be able to sew it up on Tuesday to post it before I went to work.  One quick was didn’t do anything so I soaked it all morning, washed it again and then hung it out to dry.

This morning I pinned the two sides together, sewed around the edges, leaving a small opening to stuff it.  Once that tiny edge was closed up I threw it on the bed.



Yes!  I think a drop cloth bed skirt (with maybe one simple white stenciled stripe??) will finish this project off.



The paint is rough so I don’t imagine my guests will be laying their faces on it.  It’s also kind of stiff so if I do decide to stencil the curtains (right now I’m thinking I won’t) I’ll add the fabric medium that all the other bloggers suggest.






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