The One in Which I Try to Kill Everything

Yep, that’s right.  Operation Kill All the Goat’s Heads has commenced.  (note: I’m working on a shorter, catchier name for this oh so important project.)



Last week it looked like this.  Remember?  My mom got it all weeded while I went to Wal-Mart in search of some ground covering.

tree lawn1


In Colorado at this time of year the snow shovels are coming out so I was pleased to find 300 sq ft (I needed 283) of this for $18.00.  Imagine my excitement when it rang up at $3.00.  Yep.



My mom found these staples, also at Wal-Mart so yesterday I waited for the temperature to drop below 80 and then I set out on my murder spree.  Yep, they’re all dying.  I want them dead dead, gone forever.  Since I’m not ready to burn them yet (although my neighbors are!) I’m going with the deprive them of light and water for 6-8 weeks (my plan is all winter) route.



How great are those flowers looking?  And that sunset, so pretty!

Back to the killing:



I had to start the fabric further back than I wanted because the meters for my house and my neighbors’ are in the tree lawn.  I can’t cover them and my fingers are crossed that this won’t ruin the whole kill-them-all plan.



I put the left side down last night and then ran out of staples.  Turns out 40 was not enough.  This morning I went back to Wal-Mart and bought 3 more bags and went back to work.  The stumps proved to be a little difficult but I just cut the fabric and folded and squished it around them and put in a bunch of staples.



I only put a couple of staples on the inside edges because I knew I was going to put another full piece down that strip in the middle.  The ground is really uneven and full of rocks and goat’s heads so it was hard to get it pulled perfectly tight.  I plan to put some pavers down to walk across so I’m hoping that they’ll help hold it down.



And then?  I ran out of fabric.  I know that if I had cut the fabric in half and not run a full piece down the middle I would have had enough to do this last stretch but I really don’t want these bad boys finding any way out from underneath!

My mom has some black plastic that we’re going to use to fill in this gap and add an extra layer of protection.  Just so you know, I REALLY don’t want these things to survive!

In case you think I’m being dramatic, here’s a picture of my flip flop after doing the first strip of fabric last night:



Oh yeah, they’re bad.

We need to get that plastic down before they start trying to make an escape through that last open strip!



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