Planter Reveal

Earlier this week I gave you a sneak peek and yesterday I got the Christmas lights hung up so I’m ready to show them to you in their full glory.  Well, full for fall when nothing is planted in them.  By this time next year they’ll be lush and green.


Normally I’m Type A and I want to be in control of every decision.  When my dad said he was building these I was nervous.  I couldn’t picture them and only saw them in pieces.  Then last weekend, he put up the arch and I was sold.  I will never doubt or question him again.


Never mind the clothes line in the foreground.  Or the ladder with my stenciled pillowcase drying on it.  Pay attention to the pretty, pretty planters!

Remember this post?  Hanging these lights was one of those projects that I put off because I thought it would be difficult.  Once I started I realized I was being ridiculous-this was done in less than an hour!


I only have one outlet out here so I knew that the lights would have to start somewhere around here.


I originally bought this hook for the shade cloth out front (didn’t work) so I thought I’d try it for this project (did work!)


Then I put these eye hooks at the end of every other slat.


I don’t like that I had to run the cord down to the outlet.  If I had an electrician husband I would sweetly ask him to install an outlet up at the top there.  But, I don’t so I’m just going to buy an outdoor extension cord instead.


I started out running the lights from the house to the pergola and then back to the house again.  This was a problem because A) I didn’t have enough lights to do all 7 slats this way and B) it looked messy


I thought about mixing two sizes of bulbs but I didn’t like it.  I really prefer those larger LED lights but I only have 2 strings.  Once they hit the shelves again I’ll go buy some more to do the whole thing in them.


So I took out the strings with the larger bulbs and instead of going from the house and back I decided to run the lights across the pergola and then back to the house.  I realize that this is hard to see with the crazy branches from the apple tree in the background, sorry!

I attached the lights to the eye hooks with green floral wire.  I don’t know how it’ll hold up but it was easy and I already had it.


Love it even in the daylight and even with that power line running in the opposite direction!


Last night when it got dark (around 8!) I went out and light these puppies up



And then I noticed this


That’s right, a section of this string is dead.  Dang it!


So I just turned my back to it and enjoyed the pretty, pretty lights!



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