The One in Which I Have to Make it Work

I started this project here and when we left off I had run out of fabric.  So I went to Wal-Mart for another roll but they were out and my mom didn’t have any black plastic so I had to make it work with what I had.

I thought and thought and dreaded having to take up sections of the cloth to cut it in half.  Then it occurred to me to undo some pins on the ends, fold up the middle section and cut out pieces and then flip the fabric back over and pin it down.



See?  You can’t even tell!



The seams aren’t perfect but there is a layer of fabric under where you see that edge coming up so I think I’ll be okay.  I also put down some stepping stones to try to minimize damage to the cloth.



I don’t know why this picture was blurry and the others weren’t, whoops!

My plan is to leave this as-is and if anything comes sprouting out through the fabric I’ll just layer some black plastic (hopefully amazon can help me out here!) over the top.  Maybe a bunch of times.  Pretty much as many times as it takes.

I’ll keep you updated!



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