My Closet

I’m embarrassed to show you this.  I’m only doing it because the after is going to be so much better.



When I fell in love with old houses I thought I would only have a walk in closet in my dreams.

A few months ago one of the daughters of one of the previous owners stopped by and told me the story of my closet.  Originally the master bathroom was the closet for the bedroom but the man’s wife insisted that she needed something bigger so he built her this.  I’m sure she was just as grateful then as I am now!



I have a lot of clothes which is funny because 5 days a week I wear jeans and a polo shirt to work and when I’m not at work I’m happiest in comfy clothes.  I sorted through my closet and posted a bunch of stuff for sale on Facebook (yes, these pictures are post-clean up.)



In addition to clothes and shoes, I’m also storing my jewelry, scarves, luggage, belts and purses in this closet.





Yeah, I need some organizing systems







I have my dressy dressy clothes in that hanging bag on the end and the white storage bags have all my winter clothes (not for long though, I can feel winter coming!) and all my luggage stacked up in the corner.



I moved Henry’s chair in here several months ago but he has stopped using it.  And not just because I have junk piled on it.  It’ll get it cleaned up and then put into my next yard sale.

The floor is plywood and I’ve searched for ways to finish it.  Sure I could do carpet but I’m not looking to put a lot of money into this space.

Also, I hate my shoe situation.  You can see that I’ve employed some pool noodles to keep my tall boots up but for a while there Henry kept taking them out of the boots and chewing them up (not mad because at least it wasn’t shoes he was chewing!) so I’m in need of a couple more noodles.



I have a lot of shoes.  I wear 3 pairs: my Danskos, one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of flip flops.  Well, also my heels when I have to dress up (ha!) and my boots in the winter.  Bottom line though, I should get rid of some, I know.



The space in this closet is wasted.  After months of pricing organizing systems, hooks, shelves, carpet, and paint, I have a plan.  Check back tomorrow to see what it is 😉



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