My Closet-The Plan

Remember yesterday’s post?

Sorry about that, I hope none of you had nightmares!

As I said yesterday, I’ve gone through tons of ideas for cleaning, organizing and finishing this space.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

First, I need to pull the staples and pokey nails from the floor and then use wood filler to fill the gaps and nail holes.  Then I’m going to paint the floor.  I know.  I’ve been hearing about paints that are made for decks to seal them up and smooth out the rough patches.  I need that in here.

Second, the walls are going Bay Waves.  You may remember this color from my entry way, bathroom vanity, picture ledges and various small projects around the house.

Third, I’m buying this:


GÅSER Rug, high pile IKEA The high pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.

It turns out that this will be perfectly sized for running down the closet in front of the hanging clothes-or basically, the places I’ll be walking with bare feet.

Fourth, I’m bringing in two of these:


By some miracle they’re the perfect height for sliding in underneath the existing shelf.  What I want to do is put them a couple of feet apart and then run a clothes rod between them.  Pinterest tells me this will work.  If Pinterest is wrong (which it has been before!) I’ll figure out another plan.  I really hope Pinterest is right!  I’d like to use one bookcase for shoes and the other for storage boxes and baskets for my belts and small purses.

Fifth, I want to stick a couple of these

GRUNDTAL Towel holder with 4 bars IKEA Swivels fully to the left or right.

up to hold my necklaces and bracelets.

Finally, I want to continue the existing shelf up both sides so I can stack my luggage and large bags on top.

I have an IKEA trip planned in the next couple of weeks where I hope to pick all this stuff up.  Hopefully once I have everything this will come together quickly-all my closet stuff is going to have to go into the guest room until this is done and I’d like to live in a mess for as short of a time as possible!



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