Project Updates

Today I realized that I show you all a lot of stuff but don’t always show you if my projects stand the test of time or not.

For example, the last time I updated you in the roses was way back in June when they were all still alive.  Not the case now:



What’s funny is the one that’s doing the best is the one that has gotten the least amount of attention from me-no hose reaches to that bush so it has gotten the least amount of water.  So, it looks like this spring I’m replacing two rose bushes.  I think while I’m at it I’ll probably add a couple more to fill in the gaps.

Speaking of my neglectful gardening, check this out:



I planted this garden this spring and I thought it had all died so I just left it alone



Turns out, it wasn’t all dead!  I have beets onions and TWO carrots growing!

Remember this project?  Seven days into this project they looked like this.

Now, they look like this:



Not so good here but this one



is doing great!  I think in the next couple of weeks I’ll put it into a pot and let it grow all winter!

So, the moral of this lesson is I smother my plants with love.  It’s amazing my pets are still alive!



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