From Bad to Worse

Back in February my basement looked like this.  I thought it was bad then but check it out now:


It has been overtaken with yard sale stuff, Christmas decorations, construction stuff and miscellaneous stuff that hasn’t/won’t make it upstairs.  Prudie has come to love these chairs (I think because they’re out of Henry’s reach) and I’m sure she’ll be sad when I finally get around to selling them!


I don’t know why I keep boxes.  My panini press?  Happily on the counter.  Never going back in its box.  That’s right, it’s time to purge and clean.



I’m sure you looked at this mess and thought “she just needs some shelves!”  Surprise, I do have shelves-I’m just not using them!



I should probably find out if this wall is structural.  If not, I think it should come down.  You wouldn’t think that an unfinished wall would get in the way, but it really bugs me.  It’s built enough to have to walk around but not built enough to actually count as a wall.



The mess hasn’t made it’s way around the above mentioned not-a-wall-wall but give it time.



I’ve recently become obsessed with Love It Or List It.  Have you seen it?  They take basements as bad as mine and make them into beautifully finished spaces.  Now I’m not looking for a guest room or TV space but I would love to, say, be able to see my floor!



The ceiling is only partially finished and I’ve heard that I shouldn’t finish it because it’s so much easier for plumbers and electricians to access what they need if it’s not covered in drywall.  So, do I rip out what’s there (as someone started to do before I bought the place) or leave it in anticipation of some (minor) plumbing and electrical work and only tear it down if necessary?  I think I want to tear it down.



I moved around a lot before I moved in with my parents (as an RA in college I moved every year) so I packed everything in these Rubbermaid containers.  They’ve kept my belongings safe but storing them like this isn’t working.  I have to move each box to get to the ones below it which disturbs the spiders which, in turn, disturbs me, so I just don’t do it.  I would like to build shelves on this wall (and rip out that clothes rod-why is that there??? WHY???) so I can access each row of bins without disturbing the ones above it.



This set of shelves would be perfect for paint…I don’t know why I didn’t do that to begin with!

The bottom line down here is that it’s a disaster.  Discarded projects go here to die (remember that “headboard” from the guest room?)



All I need to do it rip the fabric and foam off it it and I have two use able cork boards again.  But no, it’s sitting in my basement…

Now I’m not going to go all Hillary on this space-I don’t NEED it for a living area but I know that until it’s cleaned up (and given some bright white paint) this place will never stay clean.

I took some vacation days coming up that I plan to use to tackle my new back fence and my closet redo but I’m adding this basement to my winter to-do list.  Fingers crossed that I actually get it done!



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