Last month I had a Pinterest Party where we made corn husk wreaths.

When I researched how to make a wreath form from pipe insulation I was warned that they tend to lose their shape.



I’m here to tell you that yes, they do.  While pipe insulation is a great idea, it needs some reinforcement to keep its nice round shape.

I don’t know if we’ll be able to fix this but I haven’t thrown it away and hope to be able to make it work somehow.


PS-my wreath and door are not hot pink-the weird coloring is from my t-shirt.


Hide and Seek

This girl hurt her leg at the beginning of the month which landed her in the vet’s office and got her a pretty new haircut.





She’s also been spending a lot of time in the windowsill





and now with all her fuzz gone, I don’t always notice that she’s there.



Not How You’re Supposed To Do It

So far in my series on drop cloths (not originally intended to be a series!) I’ve made curtains, pillowcases, an accent pillow, and a bed skirt.

I had still more fabric left over after the bed skirt project so I decided to cover the ottoman that has been sitting in my guest room since April.



I took the legs off and lopped off a chunk of the drop cloth that I had left over.  (PS, that section on the right?  I see another project on my horizon!)



I couldn’t leave it plain so I stenciled on a quick little design.  Originally I was going to alternate arrows in the teal (wall color) and white.  But I was talking on the phone while painting this and messed up.



I took a step back from it and realized I didn’t like them all one color so I painted over some of the teal ones with my white paint.



Once it was dry I flipped it over on top of this (gifted to be by a friend who was moving)




and stapled around.  I was originally going to use legit staples but didn’t have the right size and was impatient.  So I used my desk stapler.  Hence the title-this is not how you’re supposed to do this!

Once the batting was pulled tight and stapled all around I laid it on top of my stenciled drop cloth



pulled it tight and stapled that down too.



I went easy on the corners and just pulled them up, pulled them tight and stapled them down.



I made sure not to cover any of the holes that I would need to reattach the legs but did make sure some of the fabric was sandwiched between the leg and the bottom of the ottoman for just a little more security.


I’m sure you’re thinking that I made a huge mistake-but I didn’t!  Just look!



At first I didn’t like that you could see the teal lines on the edges of the arrows I had to paint over but from a distance, you don’t even notice them!





stool12The nice thing about using those dinky desk staples it that they should pull away pretty easily for when I want to A) do it the right way or B) switch out the fabric.





Perfect Timing

This week my mom finished digging up and leveling my yard and with storm clouds looming on Tuesday, I threw down some grass seed.



I have no doubt that Henry will dig this in and spread it out over the next few weeks.


A gravel path is going in somewhere and I’m putting more raised planters in along the side fence but since I don’t have that planned out yet, seed went everywhere.



Remember this corner?  Two weeks ago it was a trash pile and now it’s going to be lawn!



A few weeks ago I threw more seed down on the side yard and it’s starting to come up!

Within minutes of me throwing out the last handful of seed the rain started to fall.  For once my timing was perfect!



Goodbye dirt lawn!

But first it’s going to be “hello mud lawn!”  This year I wouldn’t be sad at all if winter came early!


A Quick Tree Lawn Update

So I have this tree lawn.  And it’s trying to kill me.  So I tried to kill it.

Here’s how it looks a month later:



You can see that the fabric is holding up well through the middle but the weeds starting to creep out the edges.



Man I hate those things!



I think it’s going to get another layer of black plastic (turns out it’s in the back of the store by the paint…) and I need to better secure it on the edges.



My mom and I are working on a plan for planting this area next spring but none of our ideas will work if these dang puncturevines don’t die!


Succulent Switcheroo

I think by now everyone knows how I feel about succulents.  If not, check out this and this.

Okay, everyone caught up?

I moved them all around:



That guy was in the basket pot in my bathroom but he was tiny and I worried that he wasn’t getting enough light.



Those ones were doing okay but weren’t really thriving.



And he has overgrown his little terrarium!



So the one that’s growing like crazy went into the big silver bucket and the ones that were struggling went into the glass terrarium.  Hopefully they’ll kick it into gear and over grow it too!



And finally, the one that was doing well in the silver bucket went into the basket in my bathroom.

Got it?

It’s been a few days since I moved everyone around and so far, everyone seems happy!


Getting Ready for Winter

You may remember that I (we) built a fence in my backyard.  You may also remember that my backyard was much less “yard” and much more “dirt with lots of weeds.”

But now?  Now it’s just “dirt.”  My mom spent a couple days this week digging it up and leveling it to prepare it for seed and I spent a morning filling in those gaps at the end of each fence panel.



I didn’t do anything fancy, just took a bunch of the flat stones I’ve had floating around my yard and stacked them up.  I’m not worried that there’s still a small gap-I just wanted to cover the dirt so Henry wouldn’t be tempted to dig underneath it.





That far corner was by far the worst so it took some bigger rocks.



It’s kind of decorative but mostly functional.  I’m thinking of planting some irises that my mother gifted me around each grouping of rocks to make it look more “rock gardeny.”  Next spring I’ll put in a couple of lilacs across the back too.



Then, I figured while I was out there, I might as well fix some stuff that had been bothering me.  Now that the far corner of my yard has been reclaimed I decided to move my shovel/rake/junk holder out of view from the backyard



and I dug up my “garden”



I GREW FOOD!  Okay, not much, but would anyone care for a carrot and onion salad?  It’s organic!  No?  Ok.



When I dismantled the garden beds I found a log with tons of slugs underneath it.  They’re kinda gross.



And finally, about a week ago, before I took out the air conditioner, I threw down some grass seed in the side yard (and it’s GROWING!)

There’s still a little yard left to dig and weed and then the whole back will get covered in grass seed.  And then lots of snow.