Fence, Part II

That white fence across the back is short (maybe 4 ft tall) and my dog is tall.  In fact, when standing on his back legs he’s only a hair shorter than me (I’m 5’4″) so while he hasn’t jumped it yet, he certainly could.  This, combined with an incident I had with a neighbor, has convinced me to finally finish putting the 6 ft fence up across the back.

While I’m home I usually leave my back door open so Henry can go in and out as he pleases.  One night I heard Henry doing his intimidating, there’s-an-intruder-you-better-get-out-here bark.  I went outside and found the man who lives a couple of houses down from me leaning over my fence trying to call Henry to him.  Thankfully, Henry wouldn’t go and instead stood at my feet and stared the guy down.  I have a really great dog.

I wanted to wait until the weather got cooler since we’d be digging the holes by hand (not looking forward to this!) and now the time has come.

I’m showing you what it looks like now and if all goes according to plan, I’ll show you the finished project this weekend.



Henry was being pretty clingy when I took these pictures.  You’ll see what I mean.

That corner is angled for better visibility down the alley.  I thought about popping the corner back out when I replace the fence but I’m worried that I won’t be able to see if anyone is coming up the alley so I think I’m going to leave it.



See that stump in the front?  An elm was growing there (they grow EVERYWHERE!) and was hitting the power lines so someone from the city came and cut it down.  Sweet!



Over time (before my time) this corner in the back became a dumping zone.  I think maybe they were composting here?  All I know is that it’s going to be a huge pain if it all runs out when we pull the fence down.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me that this doesn’t happen!




Please notice how lush the grass is on the other side of my fence.  I’ve never watered there and yet, it’s gorgeous!  Also that vine?  No idea what it is but it sure looks happy!

Looking at the fence from this angle makes me realize that even it I didn’t have a security issue this fence would have to come down soon.  It’s looking pretty wavy!

That space behind my shed is awkward.  Right now it’s holding old pieces of siding and various gardening supplies.  I’ll NEVER go back there  so maybe while we’re putting up the fence I can clean this out and train that vine to just fill in the space.



Speaking of that shed…there are probably 5 hives on the underside of the roof.  I didn’t know they were there until I went out to take these pictures so I’ll probably leave them.



That wire on top of the fence?  Not keeping anyone in or out!



See?  Henry the stalker.

fence10Someone at work yesterday suggested that I make sure that I don’t have to have a permit to replace my fence.  Turns out I do.  So after going to get all the supplies this morning, I ran to the City building and filled out the paperwork for a permit.  So, now I’m sitting around, with fence panels and posts stacked up in the backyard waiting for it to get approved.  What I learned today is that my property line is where my fence is, not where the grass ends and also that none of the previous owners have ever pulled a permit for work on this property.  Sigh.



So, we’re waiting.  And waiting.  Hopefully I hear something by tomorrow!





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