Fence Building, Day 1

My dad came over early this morning.  Well, not super early because it was 30 some degrees out this morning.  Let’s just say he came over before 10 and let’s just say, I still didn’t have a permit.  There was a lot of clean up to do so we started with that.



First on the list was taking out the section of fence that was holding in the trash pile



Yeah, there’s a lot of junk in there.



Once the fence was down I got the job of shoveling it all out.  Under all that dirt I found tons of chunks of cement.  I mean that, I’m sure I lifted hundreds of pounds of cement and rock out of this section.  That stump is from the elm tree that the city trimmed up a few weeks ago and it was in my way!



So my dad cut it out.  Hahahaha no he didn’t.  That sucker is still there.  After cutting most of the way around it, the saw blade broke so we moved on to another section.



Henry, as always, was very interested in what we were doing.



All the panels were stacked up against my fence so I tried one more time to call the city to find out about my permit.  The building inspector gave me permission to start work (very kind of him!) without the permit and said that he’d have it for me on Monday (by that time it’ll be done!)

So, with permission to dig holes and and tear down the old fence, we got started.



I went inside to make lunch for my lovely and helpful parents and by the time I was done, the corner post was in the ground!



(Henry was torn between watching my dad work and watching me cook.)



We decided to do away with the cut off corner.  I was undecided about this until it was done.  Now I’m glad we did it!



Henry will miss seeing people as they walk down the alley but I won’t miss people being able to see into my yard and hop over my fence.



My dad pulled the truck and trailer up in the alley and I dumped all the trash and debris from my yard into the trailer.  That hose from the sprinkler system?  Gone.  The blow up pool that Henry never stepped foot in?  See ya!  Cleaning everything up has already made my yard feel different.



So tomorrow we finish the fence!  Originally I was going to try to reuse the white fence in my front yard but after looking at it closely and taking down sections I’ve realized it’s trash.  I have no idea how long it has been here but its years of usefulness have passed so it will go to the dump and I’ll buy new fence panels next Spring for the front.

Right now I’m tired and I can tell that my back is going to be sore tomorrow from moving all those chunks of cement but before I take a shower and get comfy, there’s painting to be done in my closet!



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