Closet-Day 1

My house is a disaster.  Between fence building and Operation Closet Redo, I can’t find anything.  By last night everything was out of my closet and everything is painted so today I’ve been able to put everything back in!



I started this project by filling the cracks between the pieces of plywood with wood filler.  I’m not trying to pretend that this isn’t plywood, I’m trying to keep dirt out of the cracks!



Then I put trim up around the edges.  Some was leftover from my kitchen project and some I found when cleaning out the area behind my shed.  It’s not an exact match but once it’s all white, I don’t think anyone will notice.



Once that was done I turned my attention to the shelves.  This metal pipe was (at least I think) originally a bar for hanging clothes but I’ve been using it to hold my luggage up and out of the way.  This thing was screwed in at three different points (and with 2 different types of screws) and was bolted in on the other end!  Add to that all the layers of paint and this thing was really difficult to get off!



I thought I was going to paint the whole closet Bay Waves (Valspar) but I didn’t have enough.  What I did have though was almost a full quart of Plaster Pink (Olympic.)   I realized that that piece of wood (which goes almost all the way around the closet) would make a perfect line to paint down to.  This pink does not photograph well, just trust me that you can actually see it in person!



You can kind of see that I did the ceiling (this was 1 coat) all the way down to the shelf and trim.



While the paint was drying I went back to the floor and pulled out all the staples.


In my basement I had this shelf and clothing rod on the back wall.  The shelf was too narrow to really put anything on and I will NEVER hang clothes down here so I thought I might as well see if any of the pieces would work in my closet.

Turns out, yes!


My dad cut the shelf for me when he was here with his saw during fence building.


That wall on the right was the only wall without the trim but, yep, I found this piece in the pile behind my shed and it fit perfectly!  So now I’ve got shelves and usable space on each end of my closet!


I have Wal-Mart exterior white paint on hand and put a coat up on the walls and started on the floor.  I swept and mopped it and let it dry before putting on the paint and painted each corner first and then down the middle so I could back my way out.


This was the first coat.  After it dried I swept again and put down coat two, then swept again and painted coat three.  The plywood sucked up the paint and it would probably take 5 more coats if I had the patience to do them.  As it was I had the gripped-a-paint-roller-too-tightly-for-too-long hand claw when I went to bed last night!

I’ve been working away at it again today and hope to have pictures of the finished project tomorrow!



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