Take That Nosy Neighbor!

That’s right, the fence is done!  We finished yesterday but I was so tired.  Also I was preoccupied with my closet project so you get the pictures today!



First the white fence had to come down.  It came down much faster than I thought it would which means it probably would not have stayed standing for long!



We loaded everything into the trailer and I noticed all these praying mantis egg sacks on the underside of the white fence.  I was sad to send them to the dump but there was really no way to get them off the fence.





The majority of that vine came down with the fence too.  My (not nosy) neighbor said that she has some in her yard that she just can’t kill so I’m hoping the little twig we left in the ground will come back strong next year!



The fence came down quickly but we still had 4 holes to dig.  It wasn’t as bad this time as I remembered it being when we did the first sections (thankfully!) but I was sure happy when we were done!



The first panel went up fast



as did the second one



Until we got here.  We had (what felt like) tons of room to do all the other panels but putting in this panel, I smashed my had twice.



But man it was worth it!  Until yesterday this was a lost corner of my yard.  I never went back there and it was filled with trash.  Now it’s so shady and nice!



The slope up the alley is pretty steep so we had to step these panels down which has left a gap at the end of each panel.  Henry still can’t get through but I really don’t like it.  I have a plan and will give you a quick update once it’s done!

Finally, here’s a side by side to remind you of how bad it was before!


That’s right-now Nosy Neighbor can no longer look in my back yard OR try to entice my dog.  Sure people can still get in through the gate but I have enough good neighbors that someone is going to have to be super sneaky to get in unnoticed!




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